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Posted 2 months ago

18. Suppose a culture with an initial cell density of 4×1044 \times 10^{4} cells /mL/ \mathrm{mL} doubles its cell count every hour. What will be the cell density after 3 hours?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Key Concept
Exponential Growth in Cell Culture
The cell density in a culture that doubles every hour can be calculated using the formula N=N0×2tN = N_0 \times 2^t, where NN is the final cell density, N0N_0 is the initial cell density, and tt is the time in hours. After 3 hours, the cell density would be 4×104×23=4×104×8=3.2×104 \times 10^4 \times 2^3 = 4 \times 10^4 \times 8 = 3.2 \times 10

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