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World History
Posted 2 months ago
21. Regarding the SS, who were they? What identified them? What were the requirements for being
part of the SS?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
The SS, or Schutzstaffel, was a paramilitary organization under the Nazi Party in Germany. Members were identified by their black uniforms and allegiance to Heinrich Himmler, and the organization was characterized by its strict racial and ideological requirements, including proving German ancestry, physical fitness, and loyalty to Nazi ideology.
Key Concept
The SS was a major paramilitary organization under the Nazi regime, playing a key role in the enforcement of Nazi policies, including the Holocaust.
The SS began as a personal protection unit for Adolf Hitler and evolved into one of the most powerful and feared organizations in Nazi Germany. It oversaw the concentration and extermination camps and was responsible for many of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. The SS was distinct from the regular army (Wehrmacht) and operated with considerable autonomy. Its members had to meet strict criteria that reflected the racial and ideological purity valued by the Nazis.

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