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Posted 3 months ago

Calculate the mass of HCL that need to prepare 200ml200 \mathrm{ml} of solution?
[H+]=7.9\ times 103
[\mathrm{H}+]=7.9 \backslash \text { times } 10^{\wedge}-3
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Calculate the number of moles of $\mathrm{H}^+$: Given the concentration of H+\mathrm{H}^+ ions is 7.9×1037.9 \times 10^{-3} M, we can calculate the number of moles in 200ml200 \mathrm{ml} of solution
Convert volume to liters: 200ml200 \mathrm{ml} is equivalent to 0.20.2 liters since 1000ml=1l1000 \mathrm{ml} = 1 \mathrm{l}
Use the molarity equation: Molarity (MM) is defined as the number of moles of solute (nn) per liter of solution (VV), so n=M×Vn = M \times V
Calculate the mass of $\mathrm{HCl}$: The molar mass of HCl\mathrm{HCl} is approximately 36.46g/mol36.46 \mathrm{g/mol}. Using the number of moles calculated, we can find the mass by multiplying the number of moles by the molar mass of HCl\mathrm{HCl}
The mass of HCl\mathrm{HCl} needed is approximately 0.579g0.579 \mathrm{g}.
Key Concept
Molarity and molar mass are used to calculate the mass of a solute needed to prepare a solution.
By knowing the molarity and volume of the solution, we can find the number of moles of H+\mathrm{H}^+, which is equivalent to the moles of HCl\mathrm{HCl} needed. Multiplying this by the molar mass of HCl\mathrm{HCl} gives the mass required.

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