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Posted 3 months ago
Consider a peptide chain of 4 monomers. Two monomers at the ends are of type AA and the two in the middle are of type B. For simplicity, imagine that the peptide lives on a two - dimensional lattice with each monomer occupying one lattice cite. As a "toy" model, we consider the peptide "folded" when the two A monomers are next to each other (in adjacent cites of the lattice).
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
The peptide is considered "folded" when the two A monomers are adjacent to each other on the lattice.
Define the peptide chain : The peptide chain consists of four monomers: A-B-B-A
Define the "folded" state : The peptide is "folded" when the two A monomers are next to each other on the two-dimensional lattice
Possible folded configurations : On a two-dimensional lattice, the A monomers can be adjacent in several ways, such as horizontally or vertically
Key Concept
Peptide folding on a lattice
In this simplified "toy" model, the peptide is considered folded when the two identical monomers (A) are adjacent to each other, which can occur in multiple configurations on a two-dimensional lattice.

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