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Posted 3 months ago
Estimates show that there are 1.41081.4 \cdot 10^{8} pet fish and 9.41069.4 \cdot 10^{6} pet reptiles in the United States.

How many fish and reptile pets are in the United States all together?
Express your answer in scientific notation.
\square pets
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Solution by Steps
step 1
To find the total number of pet fish and reptiles, we add the given numbers in scientific notation
step 2
Add the number of pet fish 1.41081.4 \cdot 10^{8} to the number of pet reptiles 9.41069.4 \cdot 10^{6}
step 3
Convert 9.41069.4 \cdot 10^{6} to the same power of ten as 1.41081.4 \cdot 10^{8} by multiplying by 10210^{2} to get 0.0941080.094 \cdot 10^{8}
step 4
Add the converted number of reptiles to the number of fish: 1.4108+0.0941081.4 \cdot 10^{8} + 0.094 \cdot 10^{8}
step 5
Combine the terms to get the total: 1.4941081.494 \cdot 10^{8}
1.4941081.494 \cdot 10^{8} pets
Key Concept
Adding numbers in scientific notation
When adding numbers in scientific notation, it's important to express both numbers with the same power of ten before combining them. This allows for a straightforward addition of the coefficients.

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