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Posted 2 months ago
Explain how a reference interval is determined
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
A reference interval is determined through the collection and statistical analysis of test results from a reference population.
Selection of a reference population: A group of individuals who are similar in characteristics such as age, sex, and health status is chosen
Collection of data: Blood samples or other specimens are collected from the reference population and analyzed to obtain test results
Statistical analysis: The test results are subjected to statistical analysis to determine the central 95% of values, which typically defines the reference interval. This involves calculating the 2.5th percentile and the 97.5th percentile values
Validation and review: The reference interval is then validated and reviewed periodically to ensure its accuracy and relevance
Key Concept
Reference interval determination
It involves selecting a reference population, collecting data, performing statistical analysis, and validating the interval.

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