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Posted 2 months ago

Explain the diauxic growth of cells with the help of growth of E. Coli in batch culture containing multi - substrates.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
The diauxic growth of cells, such as E. Coli, in a batch culture containing multiple substrates is a phenomenon where the growth curve shows two distinct phases of exponential growth separated by a lag phase.
Initial Growth Phase: When E. Coli is introduced into a batch culture with multiple substrates, it first utilizes the preferred substrate (usually glucose) for rapid growth. This results in the first exponential growth phase
Lag Phase: Once the preferred substrate is depleted, the cells enter a lag phase where they adjust their metabolism to utilize the secondary substrate. During this phase, there is little to no growth as the cells are synthesizing the necessary enzymes to metabolize the new substrate
Second Growth Phase: After the lag phase, the cells begin to grow exponentially again using the secondary substrate. This results in the second exponential growth phase
Key Concept
Diauxic Growth
Diauxic growth is characterized by two distinct phases of exponential growth separated by a lag phase, which occurs due to the sequential utilization of multiple substrates by the cells.

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