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Posted 3 months ago
How are breeding value and progeny difference related
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Breeding value and progeny difference are related through the genetic contribution of an individual to its offspring's phenotype relative to the population mean.
Breeding value (BV): It is the value of an individual as a genetic parent. ⚹ BV = Additive genetic value of an individual for a trait. ⚹
Progeny difference (PD): It is the difference between the mean phenotype of an individual's progeny and the population mean. ⚹ PD = (Sum of progeny phenotypes - Population mean phenotype) / Number of progeny. ⚹
Relationship: The average progeny difference is an estimate of the breeding value. ⚹ PD is used to estimate BV when the true genetic value is unknown. ⚹
Key Concept
Breeding value is an estimate of the genetic contribution to the progeny's phenotype.
Progeny difference is used to estimate the breeding value, reflecting the average genetic contribution of an individual to its progeny's phenotype compared to the population mean.

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