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Posted 3 months ago

How much oxygen will be required and how much hydrogen will be produced if wastewater containing 240mg/L240 \mathrm{mg} / \mathrm{L} acetate is treated using the following designs: (a) microbial fuel cell and (b) microbial electrolysis cell.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
The amount of oxygen required and hydrogen produced in the treatment of wastewater containing 240 mg/L acetate cannot be determined without additional information such as the stoichiometry of the reactions involved in the microbial fuel cell and microbial electrolysis cell processes.
To calculate the amount of oxygen required and hydrogen produced, the chemical reactions for the microbial fuel cell and microbial electrolysis cell must be known
The stoichiometric coefficients from the balanced chemical equations would then be used to calculate the moles of oxygen consumed and hydrogen produced per mole of acetate
The molar mass of acetate (C2H3O2-) is needed to convert the given concentration from mg/L to moles/L
Finally, using the stoichiometry and the concentration of acetate, the amounts of oxygen and hydrogen can be calculated
Key Concept
Stoichiometry of chemical reactions
Stoichiometry is essential to determine the amounts of reactants consumed and products formed in a chemical reaction. Without the specific reactions and their stoichiometry, it is not possible to calculate the required oxygen and produced hydrogen.

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