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Posted 3 months ago

If an economy is producing less than its full employment output, which of the following statements about unemployment best describes this economy?

Choose 1 answer:

A There will be cyclical unemployment, but no frictional or structural unemployment
(B) There will be structural, frictional, and cyclical unemployment
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Solution by Steps
step 1
Understand the types of unemployment: Cyclical unemployment is associated with the economic cycles of expansion and recession. Frictional unemployment is due to the time workers spend in the job search. Structural unemployment is due to mismatches between workers' skills and job requirements or other long-term changes in the economy
step 2
Analyze the given scenario: If an economy is producing less than its full employment output, it indicates that the economy is not operating at its potential, which is often due to a recession or a downturn. This situation typically leads to cyclical unemployment. However, frictional and structural unemployment can still exist independently of the economic cycle
step 3
Identify the correct statement: Given the scenario, all three types of unemployment would be present. Cyclical unemployment would occur due to the economy's downturn, while frictional and structural unemployment would continue as usual
Key Concept
Types of Unemployment
In any economy, cyclical, frictional, and structural unemployment can coexist, and when an economy is producing below its full employment output, it is likely experiencing all three types.

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