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World History
Posted 2 months ago
Many historians also infer how some societies worked based on their art. Does art enter in prehistory or history? Is it a form of writting?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Art can be found in both prehistory and history. It is not considered a form of writing, but it can convey significant cultural and societal information.
Key Concept
The distinction between prehistory and history is marked by the advent of writing systems.
Prehistory refers to the period before written records were kept, while history begins with the advent of writing. Art, such as cave paintings, sculptures, and other forms of visual expression, existed in prehistoric times and provides valuable insights into the lives, beliefs, and practices of early human societies. Although art is not a form of writing, it serves as an important source of information for historians to infer how societies functioned, their social structures, religious beliefs, and daily activities. In historical periods, art continues to play a significant role in reflecting and shaping cultural and societal norms.

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