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Posted 2 months ago

Oliver is observing a windmill. The vertical distance between the ground and the tip of one of the mill's blades, in meters, is modeled by H(t)H(t) where tt is the time in seconds. The function is graphed below, along with one segment highlighted.

Answer two questions about the highlighted segment.
1) Which feature of the graph corresponds to the highlighted segment?

Choose 1 answer:
(A) Midline
(B) Amplitude
(c) Period
2) What is the meaning of the highlighted segment?

Choose 1 answer:
(A) The mill has 10 blades.
(B) The length of the blade is 10\mathbf{1 0} meters.
(c) The mill completes a single cycle in 10 seconds.
(D) The mill completes 10 cycles in a second.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Solution by Steps
step 2
Determine the feature of the graph that the highlighted segment represents
step 3
The segment does not represent the midline or amplitude. It spans a complete cycle of the wave, indicating it represents the period
[question 1] Answer
Key Concept
Period of a Trigonometric Function
The period of a trigonometric function is the length of one complete cycle of the wave.
step 4
Analyze the meaning of the highlighted segment in the context of the windmill's blade movement
step 5
The segment represents the time it takes for the windmill to complete one full rotation
step 6
Since the segment spans from t=10 to t=15, it indicates that the mill completes a single cycle in 5 seconds
[question 2] Answer
Key Concept
Meaning of the Highlighted Segment
The highlighted segment on the graph represents the duration of one complete cycle of the windmill's blade rotation.

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