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Posted 2 months ago

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Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing boiling point.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Identify the compounds: The three organic compounds given are propanal (CH3CH2COH), acetone (CH3CH2COCH3), and butane (CH3CH2CH2CH3)
Analyze intermolecular forces: The boiling point of a compound is largely determined by the strength of its intermolecular forces. Propanal has hydrogen bonding due to the presence of an aldehyde group, acetone has dipole-dipole interactions due to the presence of a ketone group, and butane has only London dispersion forces as it is a nonpolar molecule
Rank by boiling point: Compounds with hydrogen bonding typically have the highest boiling points, followed by those with dipole-dipole interactions, and then those with London dispersion forces
Arrange the compounds: Based on the strength of intermolecular forces, the compounds can be arranged in order of increasing boiling point: butane (lowest boiling point), acetone (intermediate boiling point), and propanal (highest boiling point)
Key Concept
Intermolecular forces determine boiling points
The strength of intermolecular forces (hydrogen bonding > dipole-dipole > London dispersion) dictates the order of increasing boiling points for the given compounds.

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