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Posted about 2 months ago
Some closely related species such as lions and tigers are able to mate and produce viable progeny, yet these hybrid individuals are reproductively sterile. Why is this?
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Answer from Sia
Posted about 2 months ago
Hybrid sterility in closely related species such as lions and tigers is due to genetic incompatibilities that prevent the production of viable gametes.
Chromosomal differences: Lions and tigers have different numbers of chromosomes (lions have 38, tigers have 38), which can lead to problems during meiosis, the process of forming gametes
Gene incompatibility: Even if the chromosomes can pair up, the genes from the two species may not work well together, leading to dysfunctional gametes
Hybrid vigor: While the hybrid may be viable and healthy, the genetic differences often result in sterility because the hybrid's reproductive cells cannot properly undergo meiosis
Key Concept
Genetic incompatibility
The genetic differences between the two species result in issues during meiosis, leading to the production of non-functional gametes, which causes sterility in the hybrid individuals.

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