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Posted 3 months ago
Your answer should be a polynomial in standard form.
\left(-5 v^{3}-9 v^{2}+6 v\right)-\left(-5 v^{3}+9 v^{2}-6 v\right)=
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Solution by Steps
step 1
Subtract the polynomials by combining like terms
step 2
Simplify (5v39v2+6v)(5v3+9v26v)(-5 v^3 - 9 v^2 + 6 v) - (-5 v^3 + 9 v^2 - 6 v)
step 3
Remove the parentheses and change the signs for the terms inside the second set of parentheses: 5v39v2+6v+5v39v2+6v-5 v^3 - 9 v^2 + 6 v + 5 v^3 - 9 v^2 + 6 v
step 4
Combine like terms: 5v3+5v39v29v2+6v+6v-5 v^3 + 5 v^3 - 9 v^2 - 9 v^2 + 6 v + 6 v
step 5
Simplify the expression: 0v318v2+12v0 v^3 - 18 v^2 + 12 v
step 6
Since 0v30 v^3 is 0, it can be omitted: 18v2+12v-18 v^2 + 12 v
step 7
Write the polynomial in standard form: 18v2+12v-18 v^2 + 12 v
18v2+12v-18 v^2 + 12 v
Key Concept
Subtracting Polynomials
To subtract polynomials, we combine like terms and simplify. The terms 5v3-5 v^3 and 5v35 v^3 cancel each other out, leaving us with the simplified polynomial 18v2+12v-18 v^2 + 12 v in standard form.

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