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World History
Posted 2 months ago
The text says: "the oldest written records archaeologists have discovered in Egypt are from over 5,000 years ago". Hieroglyphics are a form of writing with pictures. Maybe earlier societies used pictures to 'write' things too? How about Göbekli Tepe and all its depictions of animals? Perhaps they are actual words that we don't know how to read. It would make the oldest records 11500 years old.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
While it is true that Göbekli Tepe, which dates back to around 9600 BCE, features numerous depictions of animals and other symbols, these are not considered a form of writing in the same way as Egyptian hieroglyphics. The carvings at Göbekli Tepe are generally interpreted as symbolic or artistic representations rather than a structured writing system. Therefore, the oldest known written records are still those from ancient Egypt, dating back over 5,000 years.
Key Concept
Development and Interaction of Early Societies
The carvings at Göbekli Tepe are significant as they represent early human symbolic thought and artistic expression. However, writing systems like Egyptian hieroglyphics involve a more complex structure of symbols representing sounds or concepts, which is not evident in the depictions at Göbekli Tepe. Thus, while Göbekli Tepe is an important archaeological site, it does not change the timeline for the oldest known written records.

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