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Posted 2 months ago

What is a mutation and what types of mutations can be distinguished based on the amount of ge product or function?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
A mutation is a change in the DNA sequence of an organism. Mutations can be distinguished based on the amount of gene product or function they affect.
Point mutations: These involve a change in a single nucleotide base pair. They can be silent (no change in protein function), missense (change in one amino acid), or nonsense (introduces a stop codon)
Insertions and deletions: These mutations involve the addition or loss of nucleotide bases, which can lead to frameshift mutations, altering the reading frame of the gene
Copy number variations: These involve changes in the number of copies of a particular gene, which can affect the amount of gene product produced
Key Concept
Types of mutations based on gene product or function
Mutations can be classified based on their impact on the gene product or function, such as point mutations, insertions/deletions, and copy number variations.

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