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Posted 2 months ago
What is a politomy and what does it represent
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
A polytomy is a section of a phylogenetic tree where a single ancestral lineage splits into three or more descendant lineages simultaneously.
Definition: A polytomy is a node in a phylogenetic tree that has more than two immediate descending branches. This indicates that the evolutionary relationships among the descendant lineages are not fully resolved
Representation: In a phylogenetic tree, a polytomy is represented as a single point (node) from which three or more branches emerge. This contrasts with a dichotomy, where each node splits into exactly two branches
Key Concept
Polytomy in phylogenetic trees
A polytomy represents an unresolved evolutionary relationship, indicating that the exact branching order of the descendant lineages is not known. This can occur due to rapid speciation events or insufficient data.

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