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Posted 3 months ago

What is the value of the yy-coordinate of point AA ?
Choose 1 answer:
(A) sin(0)\sin \left(0^{\circ}\right)
(B) cos(0)\cos \left(0^{\circ}\right)
(C) sin(90)\sin \left(90^{\circ}\right)
() cos(90)\cos \left(90^{\circ}\right)
() sin(270)\sin \left(270^{\circ}\right)
( )cos(270)) \cos \left(270^{\circ}\right)
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Solution by Steps
step 2
Point A is directly below the origin on the y-axis, which corresponds to the angle 270° or 3π2 \frac{3\pi}{2} radians
step 3
The y-coordinate of a point on the unit circle is given by the sine of the angle
step 4
Calculate the sine of 270°: sin(270)=1 \sin(270^{\circ}) = -1
step 5
The y-coordinate of point A is 1 -1
[question 1] Answer
Key Concept
Sine of an angle on the unit circle
The y-coordinate of a point on the unit circle is equal to the sine of the angle formed by the point, the origin, and the positive x-axis.

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