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Posted 3 months ago
What variables did the researchers need to control so they could obtain values comparable to other studies of standard metabolic rate?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Researchers need to control several variables to obtain comparable values for standard metabolic rate (SMR).
Temperature: The temperature at which the organisms are kept must be controlled and kept constant, as metabolic rates can vary with temperature
Oxygen availability: Ensure that there is a consistent and adequate supply of oxygen, as oxygen consumption is often measured to determine metabolic rate
Nutritional status: The animals should be in a post-absorptive state, meaning they have not eaten recently, to avoid measuring the increased metabolic rate due to digestion
Activity level: The organisms should be at rest and not experiencing stress or engaging in activity that could elevate their metabolic rate
Size and age of the organism: These should be similar among the specimens being studied, as size and age can affect metabolic rate
Time of day: Metabolic rates can fluctuate throughout the day, so measurements should be taken at the same time to reduce variability
Key Concept
Standard metabolic rate (SMR) is the energy expenditure of an organism at rest in a thermoneutral environment, in a post-absorptive state.
To obtain accurate and comparable SMR values, researchers must control environmental and physiological variables that can influence metabolic rate.

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