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Posted 3 months ago

Which is the correct order of an action potential in a vertebrate?
(A) dendrites receive neurotransmitters, become highly positive in the cell body, send an electrical signal via the axon to axon terminals where neurotransmitters are released
(B) axon terminals receive neurotransmitters, become highly negative in the axon and then cell body resulting in dendrites releasing neurotransmitters
(C) Neurotransmitters detect differences in dendrites of other cells, resulting in axon stimulation in the cell body resulting in axon terminals sending electrical signals to other cells
Neurotransmitters are detected by the cell body which excite dendrites resulting in the axon becoming very negative and traveling to the axon terminal, which then results in neurotransmitters being released
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
Key Concept
Sequence of an Action Potential
The correct sequence of events during an action potential starts with dendrites receiving neurotransmitters, which leads to depolarization and a positive charge in the cell body. This triggers an electrical signal that travels down the axon to the axon terminals, where neurotransmitters are released to propagate the signal to the next neuron.

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