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World History
Posted 3 months ago
William Lloyd Garrison advocated colonization as a solution to the evil of ________?
1) slavery
2) discrimination
3) poverty
4) corruption
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Posted 3 months ago
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William Lloyd Garrison was a prominent American abolitionist, journalist, and social reformer, best known for his strong stance against slavery. Garrison is often associated with the American Anti-Slavery Society, which he helped found. He was the editor of the abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator," through which he advocated for the immediate emancipation of all enslaved people in the United States. Contrary to the idea of colonization, which suggested sending freed African Americans to a colony in Africa, Garrison believed in the full integration of African Americans into American society as equal citizens.
1) slavery
Key Concept
Abolitionism and William Lloyd Garrison
William Lloyd Garrison was a leading abolitionist who advocated for the immediate end to slavery, not colonization as a solution to the issue.

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