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Computer Science
Posted 3 months ago
Write a MATLAB program in a script file that finds a positive integer n such that the sum of all the integers 1+2+3+cdots+n is a number between 100 and 1000 whose three digits are identical. As output, the program displays the integer 
n and the corresponding sum.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
The MATLAB script initializes the sum and the integer n. It then enters a loop where it increments n and updates the sum of integers from 1 to n. The loop continues until the sum is within the specified range and has three identical digits. If the sum exceeds 1000, it displays a message that no such n exists within the range.
Step-by-step Instruction
Start a loop that will run indefinitely until the condition is met or exceeded
Increment n by 1 in each iteration of the loop
Update the sum by adding the new value of n
Check if the sum is within the specified range [100, 1000]
Convert the sum to a string to check if all digits are identical
If the digits are identical, display n and the sum and break the loop
If the sum exceeds 1000, display a message that no such n exists and break the loop
Time Complexity
The time complexity is O(n) because the loop runs until n is found or the sum exceeds 1000. The number of iterations depends on the value of n that satisfies the condition.
Space Complexity
The space complexity is O(1) as the script uses a fixed amount of space for the variables sum_of_integers, n, and sum_str regardless of the input size.

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