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Posted 2 months ago
You are perfoming an experiement to measure cell viability
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
To measure cell viability, you can use various assays such as the MTT assay, Trypan Blue exclusion assay, or flow cytometry.
Prepare cell culture: Ensure that your cells are cultured under optimal conditions and are in the logarithmic phase of growth
Choose an assay: Select an appropriate assay for measuring cell viability, such as the MTT assay, Trypan Blue exclusion assay, or flow cytometry
Perform the assay: Follow the protocol for the chosen assay. For example, in the MTT assay, add MTT reagent to the cells, incubate, and measure absorbance
Analyze results: Calculate the percentage of viable cells based on the assay's readout. For the MTT assay, this involves measuring the absorbance at a specific wavelength
Key Concept
Cell viability assays are used to determine the number of living cells in a sample.
Cell viability is crucial for understanding the health and proliferation of cells in culture. Different assays provide different ways to measure this, such as colorimetric changes in the MTT assay or dye exclusion in the Trypan Blue assay.

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