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Posted 3 months ago

You are trying to understand how the expression of your favorite gene (YFG) is regulated in yeast. You already know that there is 100 -fold increase in YFG mRNA when cells are grown in the sugar sweetose, so you isolate two, independent mutants that no longer increase YFG mRNA in response to sweetose and identify the mutation responsible in each case. Purpose a molecular mechanism underlying the defect observed for each of the mutants.
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
The molecular mechanisms underlying the defects observed in the mutants could involve disruptions in the signaling pathway that detects sweetose and activates YFG expression, or alterations in the transcriptional machinery that directly regulates YFG gene expression.
Mutation in a sweetose sensor or receptor: If one mutant has a mutation in a protein that acts as a sensor or receptor for sweetose, this could prevent the cell from detecting the presence of sweetose and initiating the signaling cascade that leads to YFG mRNA expression
Mutation in a transcription factor or coactivator: If the second mutant has a mutation in a transcription factor or a coactivator that is necessary for the transcription of YFG in the presence of sweetose, this could prevent the activation of YFG gene expression, even though sweetose is present and detected by the cell
Key Concept
Gene expression regulation in response to environmental cues
Gene expression in yeast can be regulated by environmental cues such as the presence of specific sugars, which are detected by sensors or receptors that initiate signaling pathways leading to the activation or repression of gene expression. Mutations in any component of this regulatory pathway can disrupt normal gene expression responses.

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