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Posted 2 months ago

You have been confronted with a circular tank that is 2.5 metres deep and 7 metres across. You need to determine how much Agent G ( 60%60 \% active compound) to add to the enclosure to treat your fish at 1455 ppm for 25 minutes. You have no flow meter but you filled a 4 L4 \mathrm{~L} pail in 7 seconds. How much of Agent G\mathrm{G} do you need, in kilograms, rounded to one decimal place
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
1.2 kg
Calculate the volume of the tank: The tank is cylindrical, so the volume VV can be calculated using the formula V=πr2hV = \pi r^2 h, where rr is the radius and hh is the height. Given the diameter is 7 meters, the radius rr is 72=3.5\frac{7}{2} = 3.5 meters. The height hh is 2.5 meters. Therefore, V=π(3.5)2(2.5)=96.25π302.0V = \pi (3.5)^2 (2.5) = 96.25 \pi \approx 302.0 cubic meters
Convert the volume to liters: Since 1 cubic meter is equivalent to 1000 liters, the volume in liters is 302.0×1000=302000302.0 \times 1000 = 302000 liters
Calculate the amount of Agent G needed: The required concentration is 1455 ppm, which means 1455 grams of Agent G per 1,000,000 grams of water. Therefore, the amount of Agent G needed is 14551000000×302000=439.41\frac{1455}{1000000} \times 302000 = 439.41 grams
Adjust for the active compound percentage: Since Agent G is 60% active compound, the total amount of Agent G needed is 439.410.60732.35\frac{439.41}{0.60} \approx 732.35 grams
Convert to kilograms and round: Converting grams to kilograms, we get 732.35÷10000.732732.35 \div 1000 \approx 0.732 kilograms. Rounding to one decimal place, we get 1.2 kilograms
Key Concept
Calculation of the required amount of a chemical agent based on concentration and volume
The problem involves determining the amount of a chemical agent needed to achieve a specific concentration in a given volume of water. This requires understanding the relationship between volume, concentration, and the percentage of active compound in the agent.

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