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Posted 2 months ago

assume you take 0.05ml0.05 \mathrm{ml} from tube d\mathrm{d} and inoculate aa nutrient agar plate how many colonies would you expect to see after an overnight incubation?
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
The number of colonies expected to see after an overnight incubation cannot be determined without additional information.
Missing information: To calculate the expected number of colonies, the original concentration of bacteria in tube d\mathrm{d} must be known
Key Concept
Calculating expected colony count
To estimate the number of colonies that would grow on a nutrient agar plate after inoculation, the concentration of bacteria in the original sample and the volume transferred must be known. The formula used is: Number of colonies = (concentration of bacteria in the original sample) × (volume transferred). Without the concentration, the calculation cannot be completed.

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