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Posted 2 months ago

[atline how diseases can be transmitted by vectors
(Examples include - Tick - borne diseases (arbovirus from the family Flaviviridae), Mosquito - borne diseases (virus from the family Flaviviridae), Sand - fly - borne diseases (Leishmania infantum)
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Diseases can be transmitted by vectors through the bite or feeding activity of the vector on a host.
Vector Contact: Vectors such as ticks, mosquitoes, and sandflies come into contact with hosts and transmit diseases through their bite
Pathogen Transfer: During the feeding process, the vector injects the pathogen, which may be a virus or a parasite, into the host's bloodstream
Host Infection: The pathogen then infects the host, leading to the development of the disease
Key Concept
Vector-borne disease transmission
Vector-borne diseases are transmitted to hosts through the bite of infected vectors, which are organisms that carry pathogens from one host to another.

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