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Posted 3 months ago
explain how would you demonstrate that the mutation is responsible for the observed phenotype
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Answer from Sia
Posted 3 months ago
To demonstrate that a mutation is responsible for an observed phenotype, one would typically perform a series of experiments involving genetic analysis, comparison with wild-type organisms, and possibly rescue experiments.
Identify the mutation: Use sequencing techniques to identify the specific genetic change(s) that have occurred
Compare with wild-type: Observe the phenotype in both the mutated organism and the wild-type to establish a correlation between the mutation and the phenotype
Perform genetic crosses: If possible, perform crosses between mutated and wild-type organisms to see if the phenotype segregates with the mutation according to Mendelian ratios
Conduct rescue experiments: Introduce a wild-type copy of the gene into the mutated organism to see if the normal phenotype can be restored
Key Concept
Establishing causation between a mutation and a phenotype requires a combination of genetic identification, phenotypic comparison, inheritance pattern analysis, and functional rescue.
By comparing the mutated organism to the wild-type, observing the inheritance patterns of the phenotype, and attempting to rescue the phenotype with a wild-type gene, researchers can demonstrate a causal relationship between a specific mutation and the resulting phenotype.

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