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zheyu's Question
Physics E&M
Posted 22 days ago
the explian and key concept part seems too ambigous with few key points, should include some hightlights for memeory
explian mosfet conditions
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Answer from Sia
Posted 22 days ago
The conditions for MOSFET operation
Cutoff Region: In this region, the MOSFET is off. The gate-source voltage VGSV_{GS} is less than the threshold voltage VthV_{th}. No current flows from drain to source (ID=0I_D = 0)
Triode Region (Linear Region): The MOSFET operates like a variable resistor. This occurs when VGS>VthV_{GS} > V_{th} and VDS<VGSVthV_{DS} < V_{GS} - V_{th}. The drain current IDI_D is given by: ID=k(WL)[(VGSVth)VDSVDS22] I_D = k' \left( \frac{W}{L} \right) \left[ (V_{GS} - V_{th})V_{DS} - \frac{V_{DS}^2}{2} \right] where kk' is the process transconductance parameter, and WL\frac{W}{L} is the width-to-length ratio of the MOSFET
Saturation Region: The MOSFET is fully on, and the current is mostly independent of VDSV_{DS}. This occurs when VGS>VthV_{GS} > V_{th} and VDSVGSVthV_{DS} \geq V_{GS} - V_{th}. The drain current IDI_D is given by: ID=k2(WL)(VGSVth)2 I_D = \frac{k'}{2} \left( \frac{W}{L} \right) (V_{GS} - V_{th})^2 In this region, the MOSFET acts as a constant current source
Key Concept
MOSFET operating regions
The MOSFET has three primary operating regions: cutoff, triode (linear), and saturation. Each region is defined by specific conditions on the gate-source voltage VGSV_{GS} and the drain-source voltage VDSV_{DS}.

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