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Posted about 2 months ago
how could you determine whether a microbe is a strict anaerobe?
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Answer from Sia
Posted about 2 months ago
To determine whether a microbe is a strict anaerobe, you can use several methods.
Oxygen Tolerance Test: Grow the microbe in a medium with and without oxygen. Strict anaerobes will only grow in the absence of oxygen
Thioglycollate Broth: Use thioglycollate broth, which creates an oxygen gradient. Strict anaerobes will grow only at the bottom where oxygen is absent
Anaerobic Jar: Incubate the microbe in an anaerobic jar or chamber. Strict anaerobes will thrive in this oxygen-free environment
Key Concept
Strict anaerobes cannot tolerate oxygen and will only grow in its absence.
Strict anaerobes lack the enzymes necessary to neutralize toxic oxygen species, making them unable to survive in the presence of oxygen.

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