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Posted 2 months ago
what impacts have changes in large mammals population had in the US
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Answer from Sia
Posted 2 months ago
Changes in large mammal populations in the US have had significant ecological impacts.
Trophic Cascades: Changes in large mammal populations can lead to trophic cascades, where the effects on one species trickle down to affect multiple other species in the ecosystem. For example, a decrease in predator populations can lead to an increase in herbivore populations, which in turn can lead to overgrazing and a decline in plant biodiversity
Habitat Alteration: Large mammals often play a role in shaping their habitats. For instance, beavers create wetlands by building dams, and elephants can transform forests into grasslands. Changes in their populations can therefore lead to significant alterations in habitat structure and availability
Disease Dynamics: Large mammals can be both reservoirs and vectors for various diseases. Changes in their populations can influence the spread of diseases to other wildlife, livestock, and even humans
Key Concept
Trophic Cascades
Trophic cascades occur when changes in the population of one species cause a ripple effect through the food web, impacting multiple other species and the overall ecosystem.

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